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1 Year Course

INTRODUCTION : Our 1 year Japanese calligraphy course is geared towards serious students who wish to live / study in Japan and require visa sponsorship.
*Students must provide proper paperwork for the visa and send to us. Though our success rate is currently close to 100%, visas are not guaranteed.

We accept students year-round.
Courses are taught in a group setting and class sizes vary.
School holiday schedule basically follows Japan’s national holiday schedule.
National health insurance is to be paid by students.
Students are asked to study a minimum of 16 hours each week and are not allowed to work.
We do not officially offer support for housing, transport, etc. but try to advise our students as best we can.
Students are encouraged to participate in school parties, exhibitions, and other activities.

*For those who do not require a visa please refer to our Standard Course page.

Course Description

Most of our foreign students have little or no experience with Japanese calligraphy, so this course has been designed with that in mind. For those who have studied in the past, adjustments can be made to suit their abilities.

Months 1-3

Students will focus on the fundamentals:

Brush technique, stroke order, character balance, Hiragana, Katakana, basic Kanji block form, and seal carving.   

Months 4-6

Progresses to more difficult characters and students begin to learn about Japanese writing history.

Small brush use and advanced seal carving will also be introduced during this time.

Months 7-9

Continue with small and standard size brush practice.

Students also begin large brush practice and start creating their own art works.

Months 10-12

Includes writing practice, seal carving, extra-large brush practice, modern art calligraphy, and introductions to various writing styles.

* Small tests will be given every 3 months.
* Upon completion of the course, students are awarded with Certificate of Completion.

Study Materials Provided:

Handbooks with English instructions

Small and large starter brushes

Starter calligraphy paper

Paper weight

Ink stone

Felt pad

India ink


Expenses required before applying for a cultural visa

Amount when applying in Japan Amount when applying from overseas
2 intro lessons (includes materials) JPY 10,000 (tax included) JPY 20,800 (tax included)
Nonrefundable application fee JPY 30,000 (tax included) JPY 52,000 (tax included)

*When applying from overseas, agency fees and private lessons fees are added.
*For applications from overseas, a separate postage fee is required to send the COE. (Amount varies by country)

Contents Tuition / year
Basic Course Basic curriculum of Seisho Shohokai
(Big brush, small brush, ballpoint pen and pencil)
1 year course
JPY 440,000 (tax included)
6 month course
JPY 330,000 (tax included)
Professional Course Basic curriculum + Teaching method lessons 1 year course
JPY 550,000 (tax included)

*Students who have completed all curriculums will be given a diploma by the Seisho Shohokai.

Short Course
Contents Tuition
1 month course This is a short-term course for learning calligraphy (big brush) JPY 33,000 (tax included)
No cultural visa
3 month course This is a short-term course for learning calligraphy (big brush) JPY 88,000 (tax included)
No cultural visa

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